First, clone the next-s3-upload repo from GitHub.

git clone

This package uses a yarn monorepo to manage both the next-s3-upload source as well as this documentation site.


To install the dependencies needed to work on the library run the following command from the workspace root.

yarn install


Run the build tool using the following command from the workspace root.

yarn dev

This will start the development build server. You can now edit the source code in packages/next-s3-upload and the library will rebuild itself on every file change.

Documentation site

To run the docs site use the following command:

yarn docs

Then visit http://localhost:3000.

The docs source code is under the packages/docs-site directory. The website will rebuild itself on every file change.



Tests are run against the examples in the docs site using a local build of the next-s3-upload package.

These tests are written to verify that uploading to an S3 bucket works correctly, so you'll first need to setup and configure an S3 bucket for uploads. It's best to setup a new S3 bucket for testing purposes, since the test suite will upload a number of files as it runs.

Once you have the S3 bucket setup, create the following file, packages/docs-site/.env.local, with each of the necessary next-s3-upload ENV variables.

# this file: packages/docs-site/.env.local


Replace the XXXXXs with real values. This file is git ignored, so there's no need to worry about it being checked into version control.

Running tests

While both the build tool and docs site are running you can use a 3rd command to run tests.

# In the first terminal start the build server
yarn dev

# In the second terminal start the docs site
yarn docs

# In a third terminal run the test suite
yarn workspace docs-site cypress open

Both yarn dev and yarn docs MUST be running for the tests to work correctly.

The test suite is written in Cypress and the files are located under packages/docs-site/cypress.


Open a GitHub issue if you run into any issues with this guide.